Business Analysis and Management

Time and Expense Tracking and Reporting

I understand the importance of billable project work and work at or above utility during the weeks I am assigned to projects. I sometimes take less time to complete tasks and those organizations that rely on revenue by time and expense should plan for multiple project assignments to keep me utilized to their standards.

With a proven track record of self-managing multiple projects and client work to quality completion, I accurately maintain my time accounting with high integrity of work ethics. I will not overstate hours or lie regarding billable time to meet unreasonable business metrics or win financial incentives based on quantity not quality of work. I will accurately report and send in all business travel expense receipts per the firm or client’s travel policies and processes.

Project Proposals and Schedules

I have spent many years in my career in the consulting industry where clients and project managers scrutinized project performance, budgets, schedules, billable hours, etc. I have helped with the project proposals, estimates, and guessing of “how to implement” and “how many hours”, etc. Frequent progress reports were also delivered to clients and project managers. My technical knowledge and proof reading skills have helped sales, marketing, and directors accurately draft and win proposals.

Mentoring of Staff

I love working with my clients, project managers, and team members either on-site or virtually and am an open door to collaborating, mentoring, or being mentored! I have lead and delivered training to a wide audience or one-on-one personal job knowledge mentoring to my colleagues. Some of my favorite experiences have been supervising and mentoring interns at the company.

Professional Representation

I know when to put the phone, laptop, or other electronic distraction away and to listen and engage with people, especially clients and my colleagues in meetings or any activity. I give the people I work with my full attention, not the distractions, while dressing and setting my appearance for success either at the office, in front of a client, or at a public speaking event representing my company.

References and Recommendations

I work well with others and others have said so about me since I many positive references from previous employers, supervisors, actual clients, and past team members. Please ask to receive my document “References, Recommendations, and Employment Verification” during our interview process to see what people have said about me online through LinkedIn and to be able to contact them for professional references.

Technical Leadership

Case Example: The Entergy Project

The Structure Group (a consulting firm, now owned by Accenture) hired me for an estimated yearlong project to help their client Entergy transition their Generation assets, IT communications, into the MISO reliability and financial markets. I was hired on to the implementation team and we inherited a multitude of high-level design documentation that lacked practical implementation direction. I helped redesign and shape the documentation to include actual IT data transition plans, what the server and database structures would like, and what existing and new data models were needed for the transition. My success was the creation of technical application diagrams outlining the energy management systems and future implementation strategies. I delivered diagrams and technical documentation on the modeling solutions for SCADA, generation, and ICCP applications. I also lead the team in another Business Analysis role to gather requirements, discuss, and design a custom software solution for handling backup dispatch instructions.

Case Example: MISO Business Analysis “Model Issue Resolution” Project

My first BA success was while working at MISO as a direct employee. The power grid operator was growing its model and IT infrastructure, but lacked quality QA feedback mechanism to identify, communicate, and correct errors in its data models as observed by end-users such as control room operators, support engineers, and external stakeholders. The lack of a QA program had consequences in both reliability and financial operations. The solution was to start a “Model Issue Resolution Process” and I was given the assignment of surveying the end-users, support engineers, and data maintenance engineers and coming up with a process solution. After interviewing many people, I collected the response and came up with a draft process solution that I came back to those individuals. The process was perfected. At the time, we did not have budget approval to develop “web tools” but needed to get results right way, so I volunteered to create a process driven by e-mail, an e-mail “form”. I became the project QA leader and made sure each “model issue” was resolved as approved by the “reporter of the issue”.

Some Highlights and Accomplishments of my MISO Business Analysis “Model Issue Resolution” Project

  • Process improvement applied to computer network and SCADA (control) model for the energy management system at MISO
  • Proposed this process, interviewed engineers and management for improvement ideas, designed process diagrams
  • Implemented process and became lead coordinator; tracked issues until completion  Over two years, the process became popular way for operators and engineers to report and address discrepancies in the power systems grid models (both network and SCADA)
  • Completed weekly reports on the process performance and improvement; delivered these reports electronic ally to the organization
  • Followed up daily with outstanding issues and coordinated quarterly test validation activities
  • Over 1200 model issues were resolved
  • Managed approximately 200 open issues at any given time