I like to take a Sherlock Holmes approach with my SpyGlass to inspect software at the code level, simulating everything that could go wrong with it, injecting fake data, and playing the user, to uncover bugs and problems. There are many different testing technologies and methods that when used together can shine a light on preexisting problems or paths to critical failures.

I have helped find bugs in enterprise software that my corporate clients and employers had been using and impacted their electric reliability operations. I specialized in testing the Alstom Grid (now GE) Energy Management Systems suite of products in all phases, FAT, SAT, and parallel production testing.


  • Manual Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • Code Quality
  • Performance Testing

I have 15+ years’ experience testing new vendor applications and implementations in the utility industry. I have done regression testing, manual testing, automated, and created scripts to β€œfake data”  and test performance on integration, staging, and parallel production systems. Also, I am trained and Microsoft certified in C# and know how to create unit tests for software and utilize the product testing features in Visual Studio.

Testing is one of my many talents and I am very experienced and skilled in finding both software and database related errors and defects.

Utility Client GMS Project

For this client, my role was specifically to test the vendor implementation and software upgrades on their GMS development system in preparation to roll to the production environment. I worked with the project managers, client SMEs, and other staff to test, record, and document many software and database model defects using a variety of tools and mechanisms for reporting and tracking the software defects.

An RTO: While working directly for my employer, I was part of a team with advanced knowledge and skills to investigate issues, events, and problems that affected the real-time high-reliability production systems. One investigation required weeks, maybe a month, of analysis, research, and simulation. I helped undercover a critical software defect in the vendor system, documented the scenarios, backed up with my simulated data, and worked with the vendor to get an emergency resolution.

Demo Projects

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