Traveling and Road Experience

Available for Domestic and International Travel

I have experience traveling across the country to many client sites. For one client, I traveled to Texas Monday morning and returned Thursday evening while working remotely on Friday for approximately 11 months. Also, while working for clients on the West Coast, I traveled on a bi-weekly schedule (on-site longer with travel there one week and return the following week). In summary, I am an experienced business traveler and road warrior. Many clients have also trusted and allowed me to work remotely by supplying me with equipment and remote access to work on their projects.

I have experience and attention to detail in working with a variety of consulting company rules, policies, and tools in regards to travel booking and expense reporting.

My suggestion is for the consulting firm to negotiate remote work arrangements where possible to reduce much unneeded on-site travel expenses to client projects.

My Work Travel Adventure Log

  • California (Emeryville) ❀
  • Texas (The Woodlands)
  • Arkansas (Pine Bluff)
  • Pennsylvania (Allentown)
  • Washington (Redmond)
  • Ohio (West Chester)
  • Virginia (Elkton)

Status Update and Covid

Unfortunately, I had to relocate my housing away from a major airport. My travel time with the airport shuttle is now approximately 1.5-2 hours in addition to the air travel time, which makes for a long travel day. This has prompted me to change my philosophy on travel time for potential travel work opportunities. Some summary changes are discussed below.

Travel time from my home location to the client location or hotel must now be counted as paid either as salaried or billed hourly. If working on a salaried arrangement, my travel time billed as internal time should not adversely affect my job standing, performance, compensation, benefits, bonus, or job metrics. Travel time must be counted towards the 40-hour salaried workweek expectation.

Example: If having to travel Monday and return Friday, expect only 3 billable days at a maximum of 10 hours each day = 30 hours billable.

In cases where the client will not pay for travel time on hourly contracts, a premium will be added to the hourly rate to compensate for my travel efforts.

Due to Covid risks and my increased travel times, I have decided to only travel for longer-term projects at 2+ weeks unless:

  • The project is travel 1 week/remote the following+

Employee-Friendly Travel Policy

The company or client contract policy should specify that they will pay for travel change fees and accommodations (ex: hotel) when the employee cannot travel due to illness, family emergency, or the employee is stranded at the travel location due to illness, weather, or national emergencies that restrict travel. If this is not specified, I will kindly ask for this clause in my offer/contract before signing. Thank you for making travel employee-friendly. I review all client and employer travel policies before accepting offers.

Midwest and East Coast Travel

Usually, I can get a direct flight or a shorter two-stop flight with a total 6-10 hour travel time day to/from the client site weekly but I may not be able to spend as much time on-site or billable on this arrangement versus a bi-weekly, longer-term, or remote work arrangement.

West Coast Travel

Flying to clients on the west coast usually calls for a full 8-12 hour travel day for me. My previous assignments did not require weekly commutes to west coast clients but have arranged for bi-weekly or longer-term travel away from home arrangements.

Travel Schedule Options

Below I describe weekly and bi-weekly travel options that I have experienced in the past for clients that required frequent travel.Β Other travel schedule arrangements (including longer-term stays) will be considered.

Weekly (travel time days 6+ hours*)

  • Monday | Travel
  • Tuesday | Onsite
  • Wednesday | Onsite
  • Thursday | Onsite
  • Friday | Travel

In this arrangement, an estimated 30 hours on-site per week would be billable. Per my status update: this is only available if I am allowed to work remotely the following 1+ weeks in the pattern.

Travel Option Bi-Weekly (travel time days 6+ hours*)

  • Monday | OFF | Travel
  • Tuesday | Onsite Support
  • Wednesday | Onsite Support
  • Thursday | Onsite Support
  • Friday | Onsite Support
  • Saturday | OFF
  • Sunday | Onsite Support
  • Monday | Onsite Support
  • Tuesday | Onsite Support
  • Wednesday | Onsite Support
  • Thursday | Travel | OFF
  • Friday | OFF
  • Saturday | OFF
  • Sunday | OFF

In this arrangement, an estimated 40 hours on-site per week would be billable.

*Travel time includes:

  • Transportation time 1.) to/from airport from home 2.) to/from airport to client site
  • Time at Airport Check-In, Security Screening, etc.
  • Air Travel Time + Stop Overs and On-Time Boarding

Travel Expenses

Preferred: At expense reimbursement & Meals + Incidentals (M&IE)

Non-Preferred: Expense Per Diem $30-$60 per hour depending on location

All travel expenses including but not limited to: lodging, airfare, parking, mileage, transportation, meals, business travel expenses, rental car, etc. are expected to be reimbursed at cost or at a fair per-diem rate that pays all expenses.

I have experience and attention to detail in working with a variety of consulting company rules, policies, and tools in regards to travel booking and expense reporting.