Data is an integral part of any IT system from architecture, modeling, databases, to servicing consumers. My data experience includes 15+ years of combined professional consulting, full-time direct-hire applications development, and continuous professional development. This page will discuss my training and employer project work experiences. Lastly, a few demo projects are shared by tech subjects.


  • Databases, SQL, ETL, Queries, Analysis, Architecture
  • Visual Studio, LINQ, Entity Framework, OOP Data Modeling
  • Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, MS Access
  • Database Architecture and Modeling
  • Real-Time SCADA, EMS Databases
  • Hierarchical, NoSQL, Relational, Proprietary Data Structures


Certificate Courses

UC San Diego Extension

Indiana State University

Industry or Product Training

Employer Project Experience

I have experience creating custom and visually appealing stand-alone custom software or office applications that download, upload, extract, transform, and/or report data (CRUD: create, read, update, and delete).

Some tasks involved making code that would query or download from a database or generate dynamic SQL database update scripts. I have worked with many database technologies including Microsoft SQL, Oracle, Sybase, and proprietary vendor database applications.

My projects were used for file processing, reporting, quality assurance, real-time performance monitoring, database view/update operations (CRUD), and other business uses. A few examples from my career resume are highlighted on this page.

Custom Tools and Applications

Custom Windows Multi-Threaded File Processing ETL & Database CRUD Application

Individually developed this large custom business software in C# .Net with Visual Studio

Software Features:

• Highly Reliable, Multi-threaded, Continuously Running, Fault-Tolerant, Reporting
• Aesthetic User Interface and Experience with Dashboard
• Real-Time and Historical Logging Display: View, Export, or Import XML Logs with XSD Validation
• Reports Display: Statistics, Results, and Performance of Work Batches
• CRUD: Create, Read, Update, and Delete Data to Microsoft SQL Server
• Dynamically Create and Change SQL Server Database Schema

ASP.Net Web Pages

Individually developed aesthetic and functional web pages in ASP.Net with C# .Net in Visual Studio

• Query SQL Server, Develop Custom Logic and User Controls
• Implemented Custom CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery
• Display Results with User Interface (ex: datatables, fancy boxes, etc.)

Windows Application for Asset Management

I worked with a utility client where I first independently gathered requirements from the client, designed, developed a working prototype C# .NET Windows 7 compatible application (Client’s Requirement) using ADO.NET for MS Access databases.

After the client was satisfied with the user interface and the team implemented the backend datastore, I switched over the production-ready application to use ORACLE database libraries (the ORACLE system was being installed at the time of development).

The windows application had a snazzy client logo graphic that animated (I made with simple graphics and animation in code) and a user interface to view utility equipment in the database, search bar with many options, navigation bar, and background logging of environment, time, username, error logging, activities logging, etc. The application runs on the electric grid operator’s windows 7 computers 24/7 for daily use.

Equipment Ratings Comparison Tool

I created an MS ACCESS Visual Basic application to process XML from a remote company database into a local database application (that I created in MS-ACCESS). The custom application had to query different databases across the company Intranet to compare against the remote databases. Multiple users ran my office reporting application that had easy/clickable buttons to download and process the XML then report the results (which were discrepancies on electric utility equipment modeling) in PDF format.

I developed, analyzed, and used this MS ACCESS database Visual Basic application in a multi-user environment to allow the comparison of equipment ratings between engineering, operations, and an RTO. I self-learned and then applied programming such as JAVA, XML, XSLT, VBA, SQL, Oracle, and other database applications to produce an application in Microsoft Access.  I created user-friendly forms with background processes to download, process, and save data according to command buttons.

This project was a rewarding challenge because I had to rebuild the application from scratch, learn new software-coding techniques (junior engineer at the time), and independently build, test, and then analyze the tool. The tool I developed cross organizational boundaries to download data from different databases in the company and across the country with Grid operator. The reports allowed staff to make corrections and drive quality improvements in our data models and operations.

SCADA and Energy Management Systems Model Templates

  • External Modeling Template: Developed a user-friendly Excel template for modeling entire new substations with data entry validation, macros, custom code, and smart automation features that exported station model details to SQL script files for insertion into Alstom e-terra (GE) databases.
  • External SCADA Modeling: Developed a user-friendly Excel template for modeling entire new substations in SCADA with data validation, custom code, and automation features that exported station model details to a SQL script file. Completed 20 external station model designs delivered to PPL staff for integration and quick load into Alstom e-terra (GE) databases.
  • External Network Modeling: Developed network modeling automated Excel design template that exported station model details from custom code to a SQL script file. Completed 47 external station model designs delivered to PPL staff for integration and quick load into Alstom e-terra (GE) databases.

Perl Scripting & Database CRUD Solutions

AFS (Automatic Feeder Switching) Reconfiguration Blocking: Created automated PERL scripts that extracted model data from EMS database cases, link different EMS data model structures, and generated over 1000 custom XML model files for integration into the CSS SCADA application for FPL.

Other Projects, Responsibilities, and Activities

  • Developed a C# .Net ETL utility to convert CSV to XML while adhering to a specific schema
  • Updated existing Windows Applications for new CRUD features
  • Added new business object model (BOL) interfaces for applications to read/write to SQL databases
  • Designed and implemented custom SCADA model solutions for Entergy’s integration into MISO Market (data modeling, SQL script implementation, database implementation)

Data Model Design and Architecture

In addition to creating custom software applications to work with data structures, I have extensive experience in data model design and architecture. Many of the custom applications required custom data structures in object-oriented class code or databases on servers. A few examples are discussed below.


  • C# Class Models, Properties, and Organization
  • Entity Framework Models, Data Access Layers
  • Database Structures (Tables, Queries, Stored Procedures)
  • Microsoft SQL, Oracle, Relational, Hierarchical, NoSQL
  • SCADA, Network, and Energy Management Systems (EMS)

Entergy’s GMS (Generation Management Systems) Upgrade and MISO Implementation

I provided value to the project with my RTO (Regional Transmission Organization) background and Alstom Grid (GE) product experience with GMS, EMS, SCADA, and ICCP data structures. I helped implement a new generation management system with MISO integration. I authored technical application diagrams outlining the current energy management systems and future implementation strategies. I then provided modeling solutions, technical data architecture, and final implementations for SCADA, generation, and e-terracomm real-time data applications.

Phone Vendor Web API Interface

Developed a C# .Net Class Library project to properly form and create external Web API Requests and also process the Response content into .Net models

Data Analytics and Reporting

I have experience in download, query, and analysis of data from databases using various tools like MS Access, Excel, Microsoft SQL Server, database connections to Microsoft SQL or Oracle server. Many of the data analytics I have worked with were querying data from Microsoft SQL, Oracle, etc. then using my own code and scripts (like Perl), and then outputting the results to attractive Web Pages, Windows Application Dashboards, Excel spreadsheets, MS Access reports, or just e-mails summary reports.

Part of my job responsibilities was to do analysis and data analytics on the state of the electric system to validate reliability. I have also used data analytics to verify the correctness of database modeling, application performance, and general data quality assurance.

I have highlighted some employer project experience and examples that required complex data analytics and summary reporting.

Microsoft SQL Server

Individually worked directly in production and development servers.

• Stored Procedures: Created complex, fault-tolerant scripts to implement CRUD for software
• Queries, Analysis, and Performance Testing: Created and ran queries directly in the SQL server and analyzed results of software executing stored procedures.

Bus lockouts

Used PI-Historian to analyze bus lockouts and compare them to outage times for restoration reporting.

Voltmeter Violation Online Report

Lead the design and update of the online voltmeter report that tracts high and low voltage violations. The report included an improved table display of voltmeter violations, an improved summary analysis display, and a graph summarizing the violations. The report also monitored customer voltage violations with performance indicators to monitor progress and improvements.

Bus Voltage Study

Created both a technical report and a business report. The objective of this bus voltage study was to review current voltage regulation setting practices, its relationship to voltage violations, and what cost-effective steps could be taken to reduce voltage violations. Analysis of multiple substations was done; historical data was analyzed with voltages and violations, estimated load drops, and increases in reliability.

Demo Projects

This section has links to project blog articles and demos, including my own code repos listed on GitHub. All of these projects were independently completed unless otherwise stated.

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