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Hi There. Nice to meet you! How are you?


Not actively looking for a new role. Please stay in touch for future opportunities.

Looking for an Engineer?

You found my resume on the internet, congrats. You are welcome to explore my professional sites, download my resume, and see some interesting demo coding projects on this portfolio site and my GitHub.

Please review this online resume page to determine if the roles you are matching would be a good fit.

A Good Fit Job Is…


  • Indiana (Lafayette metro areas)
  • No Relocation but will travel (after COVID) up to 50% for business
  • Remote or Virtual


These are the potential type of technical roles that I will interview for:

Engineering | IT | Tech | Software | Developer | Support | Tester | Analytics | Applications | Integration | Architecture | Consultant | Client-Facing

Note: I am not looking to do primary sales, marketing, and/or project management roles.


Direct Hire | Contractor* | Temporary Employee* | Consultant*

Sorry, I am no longer considering β€œtemporary” contract work on-site in Indiana (outside of the Lafayette metro area) unless the project will pay for short-term housing expenses in addition to labor and benefits for the duration of the work.

* Travel expenses must be paid. Please make sure the client has the budget to pay for air travel, lodging, transportation, meals, and expenses with periodic travel back home for the duration of the project.Β Travel business expenses must be non-taxed and accounted for properly by the hiring firm.Β 

How to Recruit Me

Please firstΒ e-mail your introduction

β€’ A copy of the complete job description (include company or client name)
β€’ Location of the job (include complete and actual address valid in Google maps)
β€’ The position salary range (DOE is not a valid answer)
β€’ Your contact information (e-mail)

Download Resume

You may download a PDF copy of my resume here.

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