Web Applications

Since the late 90’s I have been passionate about providing clients with the best quality web experience. Technology has definitely since changed and I am continuously changing with it. Let me describe to you some of the interesting work experience in my past and present but first I will describe my completed certifications and training.

Expertise Summary

HTML5 | CSS3 | Responsive Design | JavaScript ES6 | Angular | Node.js | JQuery | Web forms | Mobile | Offline First | Performant Web Apps | Apache | IIS | IIS Express | FTP | Scripts | ASP.NET | Accessible | Offline Capable | C# .NET | Web API | Restful | Web Applications | Web API Clients



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Udacity (Grow with Google Scholarshipย Recipient)

Mobile Web Specialist Nanodegree

Growing with Google: Out of 25,000 Developer Seats available, 15,000 beginners, 10,000 intermediate seats, and I was selected to compete in the intermediate category to win a scholarship. Only the Top 1,000 students from the Intermediate Track were awarded scholarships to the Mobile Web Specialist Nanodegree Program. I was in the top 10% awarded a full scholarship to a Google Nanodegree. Verify my certificate here.


Only Web Applications relevant training is discussed in this section. For a full list of my skills and training please visit the page here.

UC San Diego Extension

Indiana State University


ASP.Net Web Pages

Individually developed aesthetic and functional web pages in ASP.Net with C# .Net in Visual Studio

โ€ข Query SQL Server, Develop Custom Logic and User Controls
โ€ข Implemented Custom CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery
โ€ข Display Results with User Interface (ex: datatables, fancy boxes, etc.)

Phone Vendor Web API Interface

Individually developed an interface to a phone vendor Web API for usage in internal company applications.

โ€ข Developed C# .Net Class Library project to properly form and create external Web API Requests and also process the Response content into .Net models

โ€ข Utility library to asynchronously perform the external Web API requests with query parameters
โ€ข Business relevant .Net data class models for Request and Response processing in JSON format

Freelance Website Consultant

  • USA Corvette
  • The Heartland System (Model Railroad Site)
  • Pension Consulting Services, Inc.

Valparaiso University

  • Designed and managed web pages for Valparaiso University
  • Developed online student applications and online forms
  • Developed pages for multiple departments across VU

Surfnet, Inc. (Defunct)

  • Designed and authored websites for customer contracts
  • Local newspapers featured my accomplished work done designing the first Schererville, IN police department website as a teenager

Demo Projects

This section has links to project blog articles and demos, including my own code repos listed on GitHub. All of these projects were independently completed unless otherwise stated.



WCF (Windows Communications Foundation)







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