Extended Reality XR

augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and virtual reality (VR)


My XR developer experience now includes 1+ years of combined professional consulting and continuous professional development. My user experience spans 4+ years with the devices listed and I still own all devices mentioned above. This is an emerging field and I love growing with it!

This page will discuss my credentials, training, and employer project work experiences. Lastly, demo projects are shared by tech subjects. My C# .Net developer experience is discussed on a separate page here.


I have multiple credentials in VR development and programming. I am continuously learning and looking to get more certifications in this emerging field. Click on the graphic links to verify the credential in a separate window.


UC San Diego

CSE165xHow Virtual Reality Worksa course of study offered by UCSanDiegoX, an online learning initiative of UC San Diego.

CSE190xCreating Virtual Reality (VR) Appsa course of study offered by UCSanDiegoX, an online learning initiative of UC San Diego.

Unity Learn

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Employer Project Experience

Below are a few project examples that I have detailed my experiences.

Unity IDE Virtual Reality

The Commons XR [https://thecommonsxr.com/]

Part of a software development team that developed a new immersive educational platform specifically designed to conduct and administer portions of classes in VR, enabling educators to see in real-time how well their students are engaging in a lesson, identifying at-risk students while maintaining student data securely.

  • C# .Net Development in Unity, Visual Studio, and Unity Collab
  • Multiplayer Networking and Interactions, Photon, Unity Libraries, User Interface Menus

Demo Projects

This section has links to project blog articles and demos, including my own code repos listed on GitHub. All of these projects were independently completed unless otherwise stated.