Visual Studio

Need Visual Studio expert talent on your team?

I am well versed in Visual Studio Enterprise 2017! I have 5+ years of experience using Visual Studio products for my consulting clients and university studies. 

I completed a very intense but useful university course on Visual Studio from the UC San Diego Extension as part of my C# Programming Certificate program. I feel like a Visual Studio pro expert now! Although I have been using VS for a while, this course taught me a lot of new tricks.

The course had excellent lectures and hands-on labs for the following topics:

  • Projects and Solutions
  • Source Code Editor
  • Key Supporting Windows
  • Building Applications
  • Debugging Analyzing
  • Code Quality
  • Unit Test Framework
  • TFS and Source Control and so much more!

I wrote some interesting articles on how to use some of the features of Visual Studio to help with code quality and performance measurements.

Software Testing with Visual Studio