• PowerShell
  • Unix and Linux Shells (ex: bash)
  • Perl
  • Batch File Processing
  • Azure Cloud Shell
  • DOS
  • PHP
  • XSLT
  • JavaScript

I have over 15 years of experience working with a variety of scripting languages. My favorites have been working with Perl and shell scripts. My cloud and web scripting experience is discussed on separate pages.


From PowerShell to DOS Batch File Processing scripts, I have delivered a variety of utility scripts for my employers and client projects and can easily work with your project needs.


Perl has been one of my go-to scripting languages in past years when working with utility clients to solve a variety of business needs, primarily around database CRUD, analysis, modeling, and reporting on Windows, Linux, or Unix environments. My ingenuity with Perl has helped turn nightmarish manual data-driven modeling processes into automated solutions.

  • Developed custom scripts to assist in the monitoring and analysis of the software data output
  • Created user‐friendly scripts
  • Inspected code, commands, shells in the Linux/Unix environment

AFS (Automatic Feeder Switching) Reconfiguration Blocking: Created automated PERL scripts that extracted model data from EMS database cases, link different EMS data model structures, and generated over 1000 custom XML model files for integration into the CSS SCADA application for FPL.


I spent approximately 7 consecutive years in my career working daily on Linux systems (Red Hat) and HP’s Tru64 UNIX for utility consulting clients or full-time IT support.Β  Now, most of my clients and employer projects run on Windows Server. I am happy to continue Linux support where needed.

Large Electric Utility Employer

Pager Duty Support

Provided 24/7 support for technical issues with the energy management system, network applications in the EMS, state estimator failures and issues, power systems security issues all in real-time operations that ran on HP Tru64 UNIX servers.

Event Notifications

Retrieved and studied energy management system application events and alarms for study, debugging issues in real-time, and audits. Alarms and events were also triggered by cron jobs on the HP UNIX systems.


Worked with UNIX servers for EMS functions, custom cronjobs, applications, and log debugging. Debugged scripts and cronjobs and had to manually run them for problems in real-time.

Large Grid Operator

  • Advanced experience with UNIX or Linux systems that run the EMS software
  • Developed scripts to monitor and analyze real‐time data output
  • Daily use in project and engineering support