Kathleen has 15 yrs. experience analyzing business IT needs and engineering solutions in electric utilities, pharmaceutical, and internet industries with a variety of technologies. Kathleen’s project experience has been diverse ranging from executing the business analysis “design phase” to hands-on implementation and testing of the IT solutions. She has also delivered technical training, user documentation, and developed new business processes for the solutions. Kathleen also has strengths in software development, programming, testing vendor applications, databases, creating business efficiency tools, and IT solutions.

Expertise Summary

  • Programming Languages (C#, VB, .NET, Scripting, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript ES6, OOP)
  • Software Development (Visual Studio)
  • Testing (FAT, SAT, Manual, Performance, Unit, Simulations)
  • Database Modeling, Analysis, Queries, Reports, Design, and Implementation
  • Systems Data Analysis and Modeling
  • Technical Writing, Requirements, Design Specification, Architecture
  • Business Analysis and Process Improvements
  • Windows, Linux, Windows Server
  • Trainer and Presentation Techniques
  • Alstom Grid (GE) e-terra products, EMS, SCADA, Modeling, Databases, Systems
  • ABB EMS, CIM modeling, Databases, Systems
  • Network Applications: State Estimator, Contingency Analysis, and Power Flow
  • Distribution, Transmission, and Generation systems

Additional Keywords, Knowledge Areas, Skills, Completed Course Topics

SCADA, EMS, Energy Management Systems, Alstom, GE, e-terra products, e-terrascada, e-terracontrol, e-terrageneration, e-terratransmission, e-terrabrowser, WebFG, e-terrahabitat, habitat, e-terrasource, network analysis, e-terraplatform, e-terracomm, Display Builder, Programming Languages, Scripts, PERL, VBA, Visual Basic, C# .NET, VB.NET, NERC Training, ICCP, CIM, XML, e-terra products, OAG, rtgen, database migration, relaying fundamentals, generation control, GMS, TMS, DMS, transmission, transmission management system, generation management system, distribution management system, generation, distribution, dynamic ratings, Power Systems, Testing, Engineering, Integration, Energy, Electrical Engineering, Electric Power, SCADA, Energy Management, Power Distribution, Power Generation, Analysis, Programming, Requirements Analysis, Data Analysis, Electricity Markets, Troubleshooting, Databases, Problem Solving, Process Improvement, Perl, Technical Writing, Software Quality, Business Analysis, Microsoft Office, Power Transmission, Six Sigma, Excel, Linux, PowerPoint, SQL, Windows, Unix, Shell Scripting, Technical Training, Technical Analysis, Technical Documentation, Linear Programming, Consulting, Business Travel, Elicitation, C#, Microsoft Visual Studio, C# .NET, Visual Studio, Microsoft Access, Data Modeling, C# Programming, Intermediate C# Programming, Six Sigma, Six Sigma Total Quality Fundamentals, Effective Business Writing, control systems, power systems analysis, power electronics, power system planning, power system relaying, power market operations, power market economics and security, power systems reliability, Linear Circuit Theory, Engineering Economics, Digital Logic Design, Power Electronics, Advanced Programming, Power Engineering, Microprocessor Applications, engineer intern license, FAT testing, factory acceptance testing, SAT testing, systems acceptance testing, production testing, onsite testing, control room wallboard design, display drawing, display testing, interface modeling, PI-Historian, PI Processbook, process modeling, hdbrio scripting, hdbrio, e-terra databases, MISO integration, MISO ICCP, operator tools, operator tool development, Network Applications, network modeling, state estimator, netmom, scadamom, genmom, scada modeling, Excel, WORD, PowerPoint, MS Access, e-terra system management, Indianapolis, travel, business traveler, virtual employee, remote employee, validation engineering, XML, XPath, XSLT, DOM, SVG, CSS, XSL, Business Writing, Technical Writing, Business Analysis, Decision Modeling, Computer Simulation, Risk Analysis, Forecasting, Sampling, Surveys, Modeling Business, XAML, Visual Studio, C# .Net Developer, SQL, Microsoft SQL Server Express, Oracle databases, Microsoft Access database, C Sharp dot net, C Sharp .NET, SQL, Microsoft SQL Server 2014, relational databases, Structured Query Language (SQL), relational database structures, database management system (DBMS), object database, relational database, database integrity, data definition language (DDL), data manipulation language (DML), data control language (DCL), SQL*Plus, SQL Plus, Oracle Database 12c, Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA), Visual Studio Community, ASP.NET, SQL Server 2014 Management Studio, Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager, Windows 10 professional, Web Forms, Web Forms with Master Pages, Login Controls, Repeaters, Form Views, SQL Connections, Relational Data, CSS3, HTML5, Style Classes, Cascading Style Sheets, Hypertext Markup Language, Modern Webpage Layouts, Web Fonts, Style Rules, Responsive Web Design, Advanced Website Design, Gradient Backgrounds, Custom Fonts, Embedding Native Video, Building Forms, Enhanced Forms, Data Collection Forms, CSS Transformations, HTML5 Semantic Markup, Advanced Responsive Design, Slide Shows, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, jQuery Themes, Introducing the .NET Framework, Overview of .NET features, The Common Language Infrastructure (CLI), The Common Language Runtime (CLR), The Common Type System (CTS), The .NET Base Class Library (BCL), Framework Class Library (FCL), Assemblies), .NET Languages (Introduction to C#, Introduction to Visual Basic, Introduction to F#), .NET Programming Features (.NET Classes, Object Oriented Programming, Structured Exception Handling, Memory Management and Garbage Collection, Data Modeling in the .NET Framework, XML (Extensible Markup Language), ADO.NET (Formerly ActiveX Data Objects), Entity Framework, LINQ (Language Independent Query), WCF Data Services (Windows Communication Foundation)), Server-side Technologies of the .NET Framework (Window Communication Foundation (WCF), Cloud Computing, Windows Workflow Foundation, ASP.NET Web API, Microsoft Sync Framework) , Front-end Technologies of the .NET Framework (Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation, Silverlight, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Windows RT, mobile apps, App (application), App design, Client-side scripting language, Cloud computing, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets),jQuery library, jQuery Mobile (JQM), JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), Media query, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), Bootstrap, Content Delivery Network (CDN), Font families, Forms, GitHub, Google Fonts, Hamburger navigation, HTML5 semantic tags, JavaScript, jQuery Mobile framework, jQuery widgets, Media queries, Mobile app, Native app, Responsive Web design, ThemeRoller, Widgets, WordPress, Visual Studio Enterprise 2017, Visual Studio Projects and Solutions, Visual Studio Source Code Editor, Visual Studio Key Supporting Windows, Visual Studio Building Applications, Visual Studio Debugging, Visual Studio Analyzing Code Quality, Visual Studio Unit Test Framework, Visual Studio TFS and Source Control, Visual Studio Application Profiling, Visual Studio Code Analysis, Visual Studio Performance Reporting, Automated Unit Testing, Code Coverage Analysis, Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio Online, Azure, Cloud, Virtual Machines, CSS3, HTML5, Mobile Web Development, Offline First, Offline web applications, JavaScript ES6 Harmony, Service Workers, Web Applications, Multi-threading software development