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My C# “.Net” experience includes 7+ years of combined professional consulting, full-time direct-hire applications development, and continuous professional development. This page will discuss my certifications, education, and employer project work experiences. Lastly, demo projects are shared by tech subjects.


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UC San Diego Extension

  • C# Programming Series (Completed September 2019 – Transcript)
    • Fundamentals of the .NET Framework (A+)
    • Visual Studio (A-)
    • C# Programming for Beginners (A+)
    • C# Programming I: Fundamentals of C# (A+)
    • C# Programming II: Object-Oriented Programming (A+)
    • C# Programming III: Memory Management and Multi-threading (A)
    • Distributed Programming Using WCF, REST and the Web API (A+)
    • ASP.NET MVC (A+)
    • Database Programming in .NET (A)

University of Indianapolis

  • C# Programming for the Absolute Beginner
  • Intermediate C# Programming

Microsoft Virtual Academy Courses

  • Introduction to JSON with C#
  • Twenty C# Questions Answered
  • C# Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners
  • Programming in C# Jump Start


  • C# Intermediate: Classes, Interfaces, and OOP
  • C# Advanced Topics: Take Your C# Skills to the Next Level

Notes: Most familiar with C# 7.0 and the 4.6 .Net Framework versionΒ 

Employer Project Experience

Below are a few project examples that I have detailed my experiences.

Unity IDE Virtual Reality

The Commons XR [https://thecommonsxr.com/]

Part of a software development team that developed a new immersive educational platform specifically designed to conduct and administer portions of classes in VR, enabling educators to see in real-time how well their students are engaging in a lesson, identifying at-risk students while maintaining student data securely.

  • C# .Net Development in Unity, Visual Studio, and Unity Collab
  • Multiplayer Networking and Interactions, Photon, Unity Libraries, User Interface Menus

Windows Application for Asset Management

I worked with a utility client where I first independently gathered requirements from the client, designed, developed a working prototype C# .NET Windows 7 compatible application (Client’s Requirement) using ADO.NET for MS Access databases.

After the client was satisfied with the user interface and the team implemented the backend datastore, I switched over the production-ready application to use ORACLE database libraries (the ORACLE system was being installed at the time of development).

The windows application had a snazzy client logo graphic that animated (I made with simple graphics and animation in code) and a user interface to view utility equipment in the database, search bar with many options, navigation bar, and background logging of environment, time, username, error logging, activities logging, etc. The application runs on the electric grid operator’s windows 7 computers 24/7 for daily use.

Custom Windows Multi-Threaded File Processing ETL & Database CRUD Application

Individually developed this large custom business software in C# .Net with Visual Studio

Software Features:
β€’ Highly Reliable, Multi-threaded, Continuously Running, Fault-Tolerant, Reporting
β€’ Aesthetic User Interface and Experience with Dashboard
β€’ Real-Time and Historical Logging Display: View, Export, or Import XML Logs with XSD Validation
β€’ Reports Display: Statistics, Results, and Performance of Work Batches
β€’ CRUD: Create, Read, Update, and Delete Data to Microsoft SQL Server
β€’ Dynamically Create and Change SQL Server Database Schema

ASP.Net Web Pages

Individually developed aesthetic and functional web pages in ASP.Net with C# .Net in Visual Studio

β€’ Query SQL Server, Develop Custom Logic and User Controls
β€’ Implemented Custom CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery
β€’ Display Results with User Interface (ex: datatables, fancy boxes, etc.)

Phone Vendor Web API Interface

Individually developed an interface to a phone vendor Web API for usage in internal company applications.

β€’ Developed C# .Net Class Library project to properly form and create external Web API Requests and also process the Response content into .Net models

β€’ Utility library to asynchronously perform the external Web API requests with query parameters
β€’ Business relevant .Net data class models for Request and Response processing in JSON format

Other Projects, Responsibilities, and Activities

  • Developed a C# .Net ETL utility to convert CSV to XML while adhering to a specific schema
  • Updated existing Windows Applications for new features
  • Added new business object model (BOL) interfaces for applications to read/write to SQL databases

Demo Projects

This section has links to project blog articles and demos, including my own code repos listed on GitHub. All of these projects were independently completed unless otherwise stated.

.Net Framework




Entity Framework Examples




Console Applications


Form Applications


WPF (Windows Presentation Framework)


WCF (Windows Communications Foundation)







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Database .Net


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Employer Project Experience