Pet Owner Console Application

Pet Owner Console Application

My Student Project: C# for Beginners : Assignment #1 (Series)

Permission to publish my code submitted for the project assignment was granted by the professor.

This is a very simple console application that I completed for a class assignment. It is shown here to illustrate my coding style, structure, and commenting. This example is considered Level 1 – Easy.


Part 1 – Pet Owner

The application should ask the user for the name, age, and gender of a pet (or any animal).
The values are to be saved in the program and then the program should display the information
back to user.

Part 2 – Program your own object

Look around at home, at your work, or wherever you are at this moment. You will find numerous
objects, a chair, a baby, a TV, a house, or a car. Choose your one favorite object and program
it as in Part 1.


Pet Application Console Application Demo

Pet Application Console Application Demo

My Solution Code

You can view and download the GitHub repository here.

You can also download a zip archive of the project code here.