Neighborly App with Azure Functions

Cloud Developer using Microsoft Azure Nanodegree Program

Impossible odds make satisfying achievements. 🀯

I would like to present my final project for the Azure Microservices section.

This project builds an app called “Neighborly”. Neighborly is a Python Flask-powered web application that allows neighbors to post advertisements for services and products they can offer.

The Neighborly project is comprised of a front-end application that is built with the Python Flask micro-framework. The application allows the user to view, create, edit, and delete community advertisements.

The application makes direct requests to the back-end API endpoints. These are endpoints that we will also build for the server-side of the application.

Let’s deploy an app called Neighborly, allowing neighbors to post advertisements for services and products they can offer. The app will use a blend of Cosmos DB, Azure Functions, Kubernetes, Event Hub, Event Grid Topic, and more.

Demo Videos

  • This is a short demo of how to create and utilize a deployment yaml file for an Azure function app to an existing Kubernetes service. Also, we show another option of deploying directly to Kubernetes from a Docker container residing on the Azure Container Registry. Lastly, we tour through our deployment running on a Kubernetes service with the Azure portal.

  • This is a short demo of how we can publish an event to Azure’s Event Grid using a Postman post request that gets sent to an event hub space and topic. The project has an Azure function app with a specific event hub trigger that runs when there is a new event with our topic and processes that event data. We examine the event hub activity and setup in the Azure portal.


The full project is available on GitHub:

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