Lucky Lottery Numbers – Simple WCF Data HOST Service 

This is a simple WCF Data Services (Windows Communication Foundation) HOST service that accepts a user’s name and age then outputs six lucky lottery numbers. The lucky numbers are based on the user’s age, today’s date, a random number generator, and the most frequent powerball number is 20. Note: The maximum possible PowerBall number is 69.

You can run this in Visual Studio using the WCF Test Client or consume it however you like (ex: create a console application, web, cloud, etc.)

Notes: This was a very early demo project that I completed in only like an hour just to put a demo out. I recently completed a WCF course and will be publishing more/better WCF service projects soon. This demo project does not have a console application client, you need to use the WCF Test Client to consume it.


You can view and download the code repo in GitHub here.


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